DataCamp Review 2021

Best Place To Start Your Data Science Journey?

DataCamp is an online learning platform dedicated for anyone who would love to learn about data science. Whether you are completely new to data science or wants to improve your current knowledge on data science, DataCamp has courses designed for you.

If it is the first time you are hearing about Data Science, you might be thinking…

“what exactly is data science?”

Well it is quite unlikely to not hear about the sexiest job in the 21st century.

Yes, Data Scientist was considered as the sexiest job in this century by Harvard!

But what exactly is this sexiest job about?

What is Data Science?

Data Science

Data science is a field of study which involves analyzing data to solve company problems. This involves using scientific methods and algorithms to gather insights on structured and unstructured data, and apply that knowledge on a large range of applications.

Being a Data Scientist is like becoming a jack of all trades, because the study of Data Science involves knowledge on numerous fields, including mathematics and statistics, programming skills, communication skills, business and domain knowledge.

Well….. it doesn’t sound very easy, but it certainly looks interesting!

If you are interested in becoming a Data Scientist, or introducing yourself into the field of Data Science. DataCamp, and this review itself might be for you.

DataCamp Overview


The 2013 founded learning platform was created with the mission of been the smartest data science educational platform, for individuals and organizations to become fluent with data.

And 8 years later, in 2021 DataCamp boasts with 350+courses, 90+ projects, 8 million learners over 180+ countries and 1600+ companies including 80% of Fortune 1000 organizations.

Sounds pretty awesome right?

But we all know that, not everything that looks awesome, ends up been really awesome. So why not find out for sure how awesome DataCamp really is?

Well, that’s exactly where this review comes in. 

In this detailed 2021 DataCamp review we’ll take you through the entire platform, looking at how the platform works, the pricing, how convenient it is to use the platform and finally provide you with our final verdict on how “awesome” the platform really is!

Who is DataCamp for?

Well you already know the answer for this but let’s dive a bit deeper into the technologies, topics and course types available in Datacamp.

DataCamp has course materials based on 11 technologies and 11 different data science related topics. Whether you just wish to introduce yourself into the field of data science for personal interests, or start a career as a Data scientist, DataCamp has programs to offer on the following:

DataCamp Topics

Data Engineering

Data Manipulation

Machine Learning

Case Studies


Data Visualization

Applied Finance


Importing & Cleaning Data

Probability & Statistics


Browse Course By Topic

DataCamp technologies








Power BI




Browse Course By Technology

Interested in the above mentioned topics and technologies?

Well then, you might be looking at the right platform. But, let’s take a look at how the platform works before we deiced it.

How DataCamp Works?

To start looking at how DataCamp works, let’s clearly differentiate between the types of learning materials DataCamp offer. 

Learning Materials

DataCamp offers 6 different learning materials, which include:

  • Courses
  • Practice Sessions
  • Projects
  • Assessments
  • Skill Tracks
  • Career Tracks

DataCamp courses

DataCamp courses are self paced courses constructed from short videos conducted by expert instructors, and several interactive exercises

One of the best things about having interactive exercises is that, you get a chance to get hands on experience with what you are learning. 

Each course takes around 2 to 8 hours to complete (most courses last around 4 hours) 

DataCamp Courses

Visiting a DataCamp course allows you to see the complete overview of the course – chapters covered and course description, who the instructor is, number of videos and exercises, number of students that participated the course and the number of XP points you can gain from the course.

XP points are DataCamp’s creative way of showing how well you are doing with your course. It is a brilliant tool to measure your progress and keep you motivated.

For every interactive exercise that you successfully complete, you will earn XP points . But Whenever you chose to look for a hint you will lose points.

Interesting isn’t it?

DataCamp XP Points

All DataCamp courses are broken down into chapters. Every course has multiple chapters that needs to be completed in order to complete the course.

And here’s one of our favorite things about DataCamp.

The very first chapter of all the DataCamp courses are….

Completely free!!


to view the first chapter you still need to have a DataCamp account.

Even though the very first chapter does not cover a large amount of the course material, you get to have a good idea on what you are going to learn in that particular course, before you actually subscribe to a DataCamp subscription plan.

Free Chapter of a Course

One more thing, that we thought you might want to know before entering the world of DataCamp is that…

DataCamp courses are also parts of DataCamp Tracks. For every course you plan to take, DataCamp shows the tracks in which the course you are about to take, is a part of.

All the individual courses you complete, can be applied to a DataCamp Track made by those courses. Which is somewhat similar to passing credits of a course to a bigger program in which the course you have done is a part of.

Courses in DataCamp Tracks

If you wish to start your DataCamp journey, a DataCamp course would be an ideal place to start. 

Here’s a few popular DataCamp courses that many of other students wish to take:

Introduction to Python
This is a course designed to learn Python specifically for data science. In this introduction course you will get to know ways to store and manipulate data, and data science tools to conduct your own analysis.
Visit Course
Data Science for everyone
Completely new to the fast growing field of data science? This introductory course has zero coding, perfect to start learning about data science. You will get to know the roles of a data scientist and the foundational topics of data science.
Visit Course
Introduction to SQL
Data Scientists gather raw data from databases using a language called SQL, and convert them into actionable insights. In this course you will get to know the syntaxes of SQL shared by different types of databases like Oracle and MySQL. 
Visit Course
Introduction to R
Course designed to learn the basics of language R, which is one of the leading programming languages for data science. In fact at the end of this course you will be able to undertake your very first data analysis.
Visit Course
Machine Learning for everyone
Dying to know what machine learning is? This introductory course has no coding, and will take you from what is machine learning and how does it work, to the difference between Artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Visit Course
Introduction to Tableau
Learn about this widely used data analytics and business intelligence software trusted by leading organizations in the world, to visualize data by building impactful data dashboards.
Visit Course

DataCamp Practice Sessions

DataCamp has 52 practice sessions (at the time of writing). The Practice sessions are designed for you to reinforce what you have learnt. If you don’t have time to look into a course you can still try out a practice session and make sure you don’t lose the touch on the things you have learnt.

DataCamp Practice Sessions

These sessions are extremely short sessions with just 5 questions to be answered. The questions been asked during the practice session change the next time you try that same session. And for each practice session you complete you get to earn XP points.

DataCamp Practice Session

DataCamp projects

DataCamp projects are dedicated for you to test your skills from the knowledge gained from courses. With projects you get to work on real world tasks using actual real world tools.

All DataCamp projects have prerequisite courses, that are recommended to be done before doing the project.

Project Prerequisites

DataCamp projects are of 2 types, Guided and Unguided.

Guided Projects

Guided Projects are projects, where step by step tasks with instructions are provided to solve actual problems. All you have to do is play with the code on an interactive notebook according to those instructions. You are capable of taking hints to help yourself out whenever you are stuck.

Unguided Projects

Unguided Projects are a newly introduced type of project, which does not have a set of step by step tasks to follow. These projects are code-along sessions. Which means you get to follow along, ask questions in real time and take a look at how the instructor solves the project from scratch.

Even though the word unguided might scare you a little bit, you are actually been guided by a full length video of solving the project. Which is great!

Guided & Unguided Proects


Assessments are provided to measure your knowledge and skill level in the languages Python, R and SQL. DataCamp has 14 assessments, and each assessment takes about 10 minutes to complete.

DataCamp Assessments

Once an assessment is completed, DataCamp provides an assessment score, a percentile ranking and course recommendations to improve on your skill gaps.

Courses, Practice sessions, Projects and Assessments are designed to be taken one after the other in a specific order. Once you complete a certain course, you can try out a practice session, followed by a project and finally an Assessment.

Course-Practice-Project-Assessment Cycle

DataCamp Tracks

There are 2 types of DataCamp Tracks called Skill Tracks and Career Tracks.

Skill Tracks

DataCamp has 52 Skill Tracks in total. These are tracks made from a collection of 2 to 7 courses, focusing on gaining skills on different programming languages. The time duration of these tracks depend from one track to another, but usually takes between 12 to 30 hours.

DataCamp Skill Tracks

Love to start your DataCamp journey with a Skill Track? Here’s a few Skill Tracks that might interest you:

Python Fundamentals 
Learn the basics of Python and the foundational skills of a Python Programmer.
Visit Track
R Programming
Introduce yourself to R programming language in this beginner track.
Visit Track
SQL Fundamentals
Learn the fundamentals of this powerful language used by data driven businesses.
Visit Track
Data Skills for Business
Learn to become a confident data-driven decision maker in an organization.
Visit Track

Not interested in the above mentioned Skill Tracks? View all 52 DataCamp Tracks in a click of a button

Career Tracks

Looking forward to start a career in data science? If so, Career Tracks are for you. 

These tracks are handpicked by industry experts. They have more courses than Skill Tracks and thereby takes more time to complete.

DataCamp Career Tracks

Looking for career focused tracks to start with? Take a look at the Career tracks given below.

R Programmer
Gain Programming Skills needed to successfully develop software and perform advanced data analysis with R, without any prior programming knowledge.
Visit Track
Python Programmer
Begin your journey to become a Python Programmer, by gaining career building skills required to develop software and perform data analysis in Python. No prior coding knowledge required to start the Track!
Visit Track
Data Scientist with R
Embark on your journey to become a confident Data Scientist by learning the integral skills required to become a data professional in R. This Track starts from ground zero, no prior coding knowledge required!
Visit Track
Data Scientist with Python
Become a confident data scientist by learning how to import, clean and visualize data using Python. No prior Python knowledge required!
Visit Track
Data Analyst with R
Open doors to a brand new career as a Data Analyst by gaining the analytical skills to import, ,manipulate and visualize data in R. Zero coding experience needed!
Visit Track
Data Analyst with Python
Become a successful Data Analyst by gaining career building Python skills. Start this track with no prior knowledge on data science or Python!
Visit Track

Whether it is a Career Track or a Skill Track that you wish to enroll into, you can only enroll to one track at a time. But as we mentioned earlier, the courses in these Tracks can be completed any time you wish, and be applied to the Tracks you want to do in the future.

Even if you complete all the courses in a Track and apply them, you need to be enrolled in the track to get the Statement of Accomplishment.

State of Accomplishments are DataCamp’s certificates, and they are provided for both Skill Tracks and Career Tracks. 

Now that answers the question on whether DataCamp provides certificates. But, how valuable are these certificates?

Are DataCamp Certificates recognized?

DataCamp is NOT an accredited institute like Coursera or edX, but you can still share these certificates manually on your LinkedIn Profiles. The Statement of Accomplishment will not guarantee that you will land on a data science job, but they will certainly be helpful.

What are Live Events?

Live Events consist of upcoming webinars and live training sessions on how to build data driven organizations. If you wish to participate in a webinar or training session, all you need to do is Register to it, and DataCamp will provide a link for you to join. You will be able to find this among courses and tracks in your dashboard.

DataCamp Course Pricing

DataCamp works on subscription models, for both individuals and businesses. There are 3 Personal plans – Free, Standard and Premium, and 2 Business plans – Professional and Enterprise.

All subscription plans can be paid annually or monthly, according to what suits you better.

Personal Plans

DataCamp Personal Plans

Free Plan

As soon as you signup with DataCamp, you will be using the Free Plan automatically. It is perfect to get started with DataCamp. The free plan provides access to all the assessments, 7 projects, 3 practice challenges and to the first chapter of all the courses.

Standard Plan

The most popular DataCamp subscription, which is also our personal favorite, costs $149 per year, which calculates to $12.42 per month. But if you chose to pay monthly it costs $15 per month.

The Standard plan provides access to all the courses, tracks (both career and skill), practice challenges, mobile app courses, community chat and everything offered in the free plan. With access to the community chat you get the chance to communicate with over 30,000 peers and data science experts, and get feedback from them.

Premium Plan

The Premium plan gives everything the Standard plan has to offer, and additionally provides access to all the projects, Tableau, Power BI and Oracle content, and also provides priority support. Priority supports gives you a higher priority response from the DataCamp support team.

This plan costs $399 per year, which calculates to $33.25 per month. If you wish to pay monthly, the monthly payment costs $49 per month.

If you are not interested in learning Tableau, Power BI or Oracle, the Standard DataCamp subscription will be perfect for you. You will have access to all the course content you really need, for a very decent price.

Business Plans

DataCamp Business Plans

Professional Plan

Professional Plan is meant for smaller teams, with a minimum of 2 users. This plan costs $300 per user, annually which calculates to $25 per user, per month. And unlike the personal plans, the business plans can only be paid annually.

Subscribing to the Professional Business plan gives you everything that’s included in the Premium personal plan, and also gives access to admin roles and permissions. With the Professional plan you get to assign admins, manage content access, manage assignments providing specific content and due dates, view leaderboards from the admin dashboard and also access Datacamp support through an embedded chat experience.

But the Professional Plan DOES NOT give access to Tableau, Power BI and Oracle content.

Enterprise Plan

The Enterprise plan is ideal for larger organizations. There is no fixed price for this plan. To get the pricing for the plan you will have to contact the DataCamp team.

This business plan provides everything the Professional plan offers and tons of other features as well. You get to partner with the DataCamp customer success team, who will help your organization to achieve your goals and provide valuable recommendations. But, you need 20+ users to go for the Enterprise Plan.

The Enterprise plan also allows access to Tableau, Power BI and Oracle content that was not given in the Professional business plan.

Does DataCamp provide refunds?

If you forget to cancel your subscription before your renewal date, DataCamp will NOT provide refunds. But, you can stop DataCamp from auto-billing from your account. Even if you do stop auto-billing, you are capable of using DataCamp till the subscription period ends, without having any issue.

Convenience and Ease to use

Using DataCamp might not be as easy as using platforms like Skillshare and Udemy, due to it’s slightly complicated course structure. If you are completely new to DataCamp and Data Science you might feel a little lost with what courses, projects and tracks are, and how are they different from one another.

But, since we have taken you through all of that, we don’t think you will find any confusions with using the platform.

Signing Up with Datacamp

Signing up to DataCamp is as simple as it gets. All you need to signup, is an e-mail address and a password. You also get to signup from your LinkedIn, Facebook or Google+ profiles.

Sign Up With DataCamp

As soon as you sign up, you will be using the free plan automatically. When subscribing with a payment plan, you also need to provide your first and last name.

Subscription - Payment Details

Wish to sign up right now? Click the button below and begin your DataCamp journey in minutes!

Once you signup with DataCamp you will be taken to the DataCamp dashboard. The dashboard looks super simple, all you need to know are the different types of courses, how they differ from one another and the best way to do the courses.

Once you know that clearly, using DataCamp is not confusing at all. Their friendly UI and good use of color, makes DataCamp an easy and interesting platform to use.

DataCamp Dashboard

Course Interface

DataCamp has one of the simplest, minimalist course interface we have seen in any platform. The course interface of this platform looks quite empty. There are NO sidebars with course lessons, NO buttons to take down notes, NO Discussion Forums or Resource tabs.

You will only have a video along with an intuitive course completion bar (which is just what we call it) showing your progress, a tab to see the Course Outline, a Transcript, XP points for the completion of the lesson and a download button to download the course to your desktop.

Course Interface

But isn’t it a little bit too empty? 

Well maybe it is, but we love it. We love the simplicity DataCamp maintains in their course interface

But one thing we did not like about the DataCamp course interface is the unavailability of student reviews and a discussion forum to discuss issues you have in the course.

But liking or disliking the course interface comes down to one’s personal preference.

DataCamp Course Languages

All the DataCamp course and Tracks are conducted ONLY in English, but DataCamp offers subtitles in 9 different languages, which includes – French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Japanese, German, Russian and Italian. Unfortunately these subtitles will NOT be available in a downloaded course.


DataCamp Community and Support

Other than the direct learning materials of a Platform, the community and the support of a learning platform is quite important to have a great learning experience. 

Let’s see how DataCamp’s community and support stacks up, to provide that learning experience, starting with the community.

DataCamp Community

The DataCamp Community is packed with resources, including Tutorials, Cheat Sheets, Open Courses and DataCamp Official Podcasts. And along with all of that, you will also have tons of tags to help you filter out exactly what you need.

DataCamp Community Resources

Open Courses in the DataCamp Community are absolutely free courses! These are non premium courses created by fellow DataCamp Learners. Even though DataCamp Courses are all conducted in English Language, DataCamp Open Courses are available in other languages as well.

Pretty sweet right?

Along with a loaded DataCamp community, there is also a Slack Community that allows you to chat instantly with your peers to discuss anything related to Data Science. 

Some of the channels available in the Slack Community includes – #jobs, #general-python, #general-r and #feedback. But the Slack Community can only be accessed by the Premium Subscription Users.

DataCamp Support & Community

DataCamp Support or the DataCamp Help Center is for you to contact DataCamp for issues regarding bugs, your account, subscription plans, courses and tracks etc. You can simply use the Support blogs or directly chat with a DataCamp Support Bot to resolve your issues.

DataCamp Help Center

Final Verdict and Overall Rating

If you are thinking of getting into the field of Data Science or just interested in learning Data Science basics, DataCamp would be a brilliant choice. Learning data science from a platform that is dedicated only for it, is a great way to focus your learning on a single learning field.

DataCamp might not be a perfect platform, but it is definitely a user friendly, easy to use platform that delivers high quality course content for a decent price. And one of the best things about DataCamp is that you’d hardly feel bored while learning, due to the great mix of video content and interactive exercises.

Is DataCamp the best platform for Data Science?

Well that depends strongly on your requirements, but DataCamp is definitely a top candidate for “the best platform to learn Data Science.”



If you love what DataCamp has got to offer and believe DataCamp might be the perfect pace to start your journey in Data Science, you are just one click away! Signup with DataCamp now and enjoy the world of Data Science.

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