4 Reasons Top Business Manager David Bolno is Optimistic About the State of Music

David Bolno is a big-deal music leader who has worked with probably the greatest names in the business like Justin Bieber, Drake, Post Malone, Pharrell Williams, and Will.i.am. As an effective business manager, Bolno has seen the music world go through a ton of changes throughout the long term.

Here are four key reasons why Bolno is so enthusiastic about the state of music in 2024.

Cutting-Edge Music Technology Emerges

Speaking of innovation, that is the second big reason Bolno is so pumped about the song’s destiny in 2024. He expects to see a tidal wave of the latest, boundary-pushing technologies in order to revolutionize how we enjoy and interact with tune.

One example Bolno is excited about is totally immersive virtual reality experiences for recordings and live shows. With the VR generation enhancing by leaps and bounds, music fans should quickly strap on a headset and experience it like they’re on stage with their preferred artists or exploring audio-visible landscapes crafted for their albums.

Bolno also thinks 2024 will bring wild improvements in the recording and production era that lets artists create in inconceivable ways. From spatial 3D audio environments to blending real and artificial sounds, musicians are going to have powerful new tools at their fingertips to craft mind-bending audio projects.

Independent Artists Keep Rising

The third factor driving Bolno’s optimism is the continued rise and empowerment of independent, DIY artists outside the traditional music industry system. In 2024, he believes we’ll see more and more indie artists’ breakthroughs on a global scale thanks to streaming platforms, social media, and crowdfunding.

This democratization allows for an endless wellspring of fresh, boundary-pushing creativity from independent voices. It ensures that great, underrepresented artists have a real path to an audience instead of getting creatively stifled or overlooked by institutions. For a music lover, how awesome is that?

Music Brings Different Cultures Together

Whether it’s a K-pop star featuring on a Latin pop track, a rapper rhyming over traditional Indian instrumentation, or an American folk singer blending styles with an Angeleno Mexican virtuoso, these cross-cultural musical fusions are becoming more and more common. And they’re amazing opportunities to expand listeners’ horizons and bring people together through a shared love of auditory art.

In 2024, Bolno hopes we’ll see international co-signs, genre-blending singles, and touring acts representing the entire kaleidoscope of human culture and creativity. At its best, music speaks a universal language of human emotion. By uplifting diverse voices and perspectives through these global collaborations, the music world can promote greater empathy, connection, and unity across cultures.

Music Elevates Social Causes 

Finally, Bolno is really inspired by how many artists and industry leaders are using music and their influential platforms to raise awareness or funds for vital social causes and tackle major real-world issues facing humanity. He believes this socially conscious trend is going to explode in a big way in 2024.

Musicians are increasingly trying to bake activism and call to action into their work and personalities as public figures. Whether it’s calling out climate change, promoting mental health resources, or demanding justice and equality – music is becoming a powerful vehicle for positive change.

Many big names are attaching their tours, merch, and promotions to non-profit partners. Others are donating chunks of music revenues to grassroots organizations working on the ground. Upstart activist artists not afraid to speak truth to power are also gaining major traction and following. 

Essentially, Bolno envisions a future where musicians big and small use their art, energy and cultural cachet to move the needle on society’s most pressing challenges in 2024 and beyond. And for an art form rooted in passion, emotion, and speaking truth – it’s a rallying cry movement that makes perfect sense.

Supporting the Next Generation 

Beyond these four big reasons, Bolno also emphasizes how important it is for industry professionals like him to double down on artist development and mentorship in 2024 as well. If the music world wants to fully capitalize on all the emerging possibilities, it needs to empower and cultivate the next wave of creative visionaries.

That means podcast-style education programs, professional development workshops, apprenticeships, and other vehicles to coach up-and-coming artists and music entrepreneurs. It’s about helping them navigate things like contracts, marketing, finance, production, and all the other skills required to truly thrive in this industry.

Bolno is doing his part through the behind-the-scenes work but hopes to see a big surge in this kind of new talent nurturing across the music world in 2024. Helping today’s hungry, ambitious creatives sets them up for long-term, sustainable success – which puts the whole industry in a stronger place moving forward.

Between resilience, innovation, empowerment, unification, and a socially conscious drive to create positive change – David Bolno has plenty of reasons to be pumped about the future of music in 2024. And if even half of his anticipated progress unfolds, music fans everywhere should echo that enthusiasm.